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Ian in uniform

Ian and Crew

Ian in the Philippines

Family Photos

Wedding and Honeymoon

Map of France

Signatures from Freteval Forest


Ian and Adelle Murray with their children Anthony and Suzanne.


Adelle, Anthony, and Suzanne at their home in Wilson St., Swan Hill.

2 year old Ian

Ian was given the nickname, Buster, as a small boy, because he looked like he was about to bust out of his clothes.


Ian with his mother, Ida Murray.

Suzanne and Anthony Murray


Ian Murray's Granddad Woodham and Uncle Neil Woodham.

Neil Woodham was an army cook during
World War 2, and Ian's Granddad owned a furniture shop in Mildura.


Ian with his cousins.

From left to right:
Eddie, Doug, Atholl, Ron Morris, and Ian.


Ian R. Murray



Ian's house in Red Cliffs



Ian with his map of France


Ian with his Rotary Club Badge.


A big dust storm in Red Cliffs.

 Dust storms were reasonably common in Red Cliffs, but this one was unusually big.


Ian at the beach.



Ian back home from duck hunting.

Ian often went duck hunting along the Murray river, which was just over the fence from his house.


The First Mildura Scouts

Ian Murray (top right) was the Patrol Leader of the Scouts, and they called him "Skipper".


Ian at home (Splatt St., Swan Hill) with memorabilia of the war.


Ian Murray with members of the Rotary Club.

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