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Ian in uniform

Ian and Crew

Ian in the Philippines

Family Photos

Wedding and Honeymoon

Map of France

Signatures from Freteval Forest


Sub. Lieutenant Churchouse K.G. and residents of Tent 19.

A.T.I.S. (Aus. Translator Interpreter Service) 64w. 6z.

Tents on a Race course.  August 1945

From left to right: Flight Officer Dick, Ian Murray, visiting Naval Officer Sub. Lieutenant Churchouse, Flight Lieutenant  Beation, Flight Lieutenant Goldsmith, and Frediriko.

Frediriko is a Philippino. He looked after the residents of Tent 19 over the course of their stay in the Philippines.



While in the Philippines, Ian and his mates were allowed some time-off, and they went for a drive through Manila. Ian took the pictures below during the car trip.


Looking out over camp surrounded by buildings destroyed by the war.


Philippino village, Manila.  August, 1945



Ian and his mates went for a quick cruise down the river in a boat like the one pictured .




Caribou pulling wooden plough through rice paddock.

Manila, Philippines.  August 1945


Chinese architecture. Manila, Philippines.

25 August, 1945



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