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Ian in uniform

Ian and Crew

Ian in the Philippines

Family Photos

Wedding and Honeymoon

Map of France

Signatures from Freteval Forest


From left to right:
 Tom Whitehead, Frank Wells, Ken Andrews, Ted Greatz, Dud Ibbotson, Ray Worrall, and Ian Murray.


The crew of Lancaster "L for Lily" standing in front of a Sterling. England, Feb.1944.

From left to right:
Tom Whitehead, Ian Murray, Ted Greatz, Dud Ibbotson, Ken Andrews, Ray Worrall, and Frank Wells.

Frank Wells and Waitress at Mess Tent


Ted Greatz






Ted Greatz, Dud Ibbotson, Ian Murray,
Ken Andrews, Tom Whitehead, Frank Wells.


Ted Greatz in the snow at Dunholm Lodge, England.

Ian and Waitress at Mess Tent.


Frank Wells and Ian in America.

Frank Wells and Ian passed through America on their way to Australia.





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