Underground Contact







"Before I left for overseas, I visited the
Nichol's Point State School (where my mother was teaching) to show the children my flying kit. The above letter came after I was reported safe from my France experience."


A letter of sympathy  to Ida Murray from the
44 Rhodesia Squadron.



A postcard to Ian wishing him a happy 21st birthday.



A letter of sympathy to Ida Murray.



A letter of sympathy to Ida Murray from Rev. Stanley G. Smith,
the Chaplain of Dunholme Lodge, England.  



A letter to Ted Greatz from the Ministry of Defence concerning the fate of Flight Officer Tom Whitehand, the mid-gunner of Lancaster "L for Lily".


A letter to Ida Murray from Ian, while he was stationed in Manila, Philippines.


Letter to Ida Murray from Ken Andrews, the radio operator of the Lancaster "L for Lily".


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