Underground Contact






Lancaster Bomb Loads And Available Range To Targets

Bomb Bay Dimensions

1.52 m x 10.0 m (5'-0" wide x 33'-0" length)

Bomb Loads

Bomb loads for non-Pathfinder aircraft varied between aircraft and/or the target being attacked. The most common loads are listed below. Click on one for more information.

Bomb loads for Pathfinders generally consisted of Red, Yellow, or Green Target Indicator marker flares (TI's). In addition some smaller bombs were also added.


Area Bombing Raids (Max. Incendiary)

Area Bombing Raids (Industrial Demolition)

Area Bombing Raids (Blast, Demolition and Fire)

Area Bombing Raids (Blast and Max. Incendiary)

Area Bombing Raids (Blast and Demolition)

Maritime Anti-Submarine Patrol

Medium-Range Low-Level Attacks

Carpet Bombing of Tactical Targets

Raids On Docks, Fortifications, Ships, Etc.

Air-Sea Mine laying Sorties

Raids On Submarine Pens, "Tirpitz" etc.

Raids On Special Targets

Maximum bomb load:

6,350 kg (14,000 lbs.) standard variant.

9,979 kg (22,000 lbs.) special variant.



Range Diagram

Range with standard fuel load and 4,540 kg (10,000 lb) bomb load, 1,670 km (1,040 m).

Range with one 1,818 l (400 U.K. Gal) Aux. fuel tank and 3,180 kg (7,000 lb) bomb load,
4,310 km (2,680 m).